Gol Gappa Pani Masala

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Just reading the name makes your mouth water, doesn't it? This popular street food doesn't need any introduction! The sour and spicy mint flavoured water easily fills one's mouth with an explosive flavour and takes the taste buds on a journey of heaven. So when the real taste of this delicious snack depends on the gol gappe ka paani, it has got to be Morton Golgappa Pani Masala.

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KEY INGREDIENTS CONTENET Used Green Mango Pulp Concentration Higher Then 38% Used Green Mango Pulp Concentration Less Then 30%
KEY INGREDIENTS CONTENET Used Fresh Lemon Juice Used Citric Acid
ADDITIVES No Additives Used Gum As A Thickner
FRESH SPICE AND CONDIMENTS Used Fresh Onion, Garlic And Ginger, Fresh Pudina Leaves (7%) Using Dehydrated Powder And Preserved Pulps
WHOLE DEHYDTRAED SPICE AND CONDIMENTS Using Fresh Spices & Inhouse Grinded Spices Powdered Spices Purchase From Markets
SALT Using Domestic Grade 1 Kg Pack Size Salt Uesd Industrial Pack Size Low Quality Salt
COLOUR Added Food Colour Added Low Grade Food Colour
CONSISTENCY More Then Compititon Dilute 7 Times Less Then Morton Dilute Max 4-5 Times

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