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Lychees are an exotic tropical fruit, and the fresh, sweet pulpy aroma of this delightful fruit is packed in this flavour offering from Morton. The balance of sweet and tart is consummated while being tinted with a light, flowery taste. Morton’s Sweet lychees can be paired well with coconut, lime, and other tropical tastes.

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KEY INGREDIENTS CONTENET Only Mature Fruits Are Used Some Times Raw Fruits Are Used
GRADING Fruits Are Properly Graded Some Times Not Properly Graded
QUALITY PARAMETERS Acid/Brix Ratio Mentained Acid/Brix Ratio Some Times Not Mentained
TEXURE No Broken/Blemished Slices Some Times Broken/Blemished Piesces
NET CONTENETS Net Weight/ Drained Weight Ration Is Maintained Net Weight/ Drained Weight Ration Is Maintained
FLAVOUR AND TASTE Very Good Flavour And Texure Good Flavour And Texure

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