Shahi Paneer

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Chunks of cottage cheese in a mouth-watering gravy, cooked in true Mughal flavour! Made with 100 percent natural ingredients and no preservatives, this dish is mild and ready to eat! Enjoy the authentic flavours and burst of spices in minutes with Morton.

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Canned Curried (Ready To Eat-mattar Paneer)

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KEY INGREDIENTS CONTENET Using Best Quality Branded Paneer And Good Quality In House Grinded Spices And Grains Using Low Grade And Local Paneer & Low Grade Spices And Grains
ADDITIVES/PRESERVATIVES No Thickner And No Reservatives Used Used Modified Starch And Gum As A Thickener
FRESH SPICE AND CONDIMENTS Used Fresh Onion, Garlic & Ginger Using Dehydrated Powder Or Oleoresins
WHOLE DEHYDTRAED SPICE AND CONDIMENTS Using Fresh And Inhouse Grinded Spices Powdered Spices Purchase From Markets
SALT Using Domestic Grade 1 Kg Pack Size Salt Uesd Industrial Pack Size Low Quality Salt
CONSISTENCY Using Thich And Home Made Gravies With Using Less Consitency And Without Cashey Paste Gravies

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