• sweet corn tin cream style
  • sweet corn tin cream style

Sweet Corn Whole Grain

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Our extra crisp Sweet Corn are picked and packed at the peak of freshness for the highest standard in rich, sweet flavor. Mix them with salsa and black beans to make a crowd-pleasing dip for tortilla chips, or serve simply as a side! With this healthy goodness from Morton, you can never go wrong.

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KEY INGREDIENTS CONTENET Graded And Good Quality Sweet White Grains Are Used Some Times Low Grade Grains Used
GRADING Grains Are Properly Graded Some Times Not Properly Graded
QUALITY PARAMETERS Acid/Brix Ratio Mentained
No Added Colour
Acid/Brix Ratio Some Times Not Mentained
TEXURE No Broken/Blemished Pieces Some Times Broken/Blemished Piesces
NET CONTENT Net Weight/ Drained Weight Ration Is Maintained Net Weight/ Drained Weight Ration Is Maintained
FLAVOUR AND TASTE Sweet And Good Flavour And Taste Good Flavour And Taste

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