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Don't compromise on morning nourishment. With Morton Corn Flakes, you have a balanced, great-tasting breakfast that is high in iron, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and vitamin C, it is quick to eat and gives you energy even after 3 hours.

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KEY INGREDIENTS CONTENET Good Quality Of Grains Are Used Some Times Low Gradw And Low Grade Ots Used
GRADING Fproely Graded And Clean Grains Are Used Some Times Not Properly Graded And Low Quality Grains Are Used
QUALITY PARAMETERS Toaste With Less Fat, No Added Preservative And Unwanted Cholesrol Some Times Used Preservatve
TEXURE Toasted And Golden Colour Some Times Broken/Blemished Piesec
FLAVOUR AND TASTE Very Good Flavour And Texure Good Flavour And Texure

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