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A desi hit which is not only refreshing but also energising, mango panna, or better known as aam panna, helps you get hydrated in an instant and aids in battling scorching heat. This refreshing drink from Morton is made of raw mango pulp blended with fresh mint leaves and grinded spices. One sip, and you'll feel revived!

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KEY INGREDIENTS CONTENET Fruit Pulp 35% Fruit Pulp 25-30%
PULP QUALITY Made Inhouse Pulp With Mature And Ripe Fruits Normaly Using Low Grade Fruits Pulp
PRESERVATIVE & ADDITIVES Used Only Fruit Pectin And Specific For Crushes Lm Pectin Apart From Fruit Pectin Use Carragenan And Starch Gum As A Thickner
COLOUR Best Quality Of Food Colour Used Some Times Used Low Grade Food Colour

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