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Start your day quick and healthy with the goodness of Morton's Oats. Easy to prepare and consume. Morton's Oats are 100% whole grain and are high in fibre and protein. These can blend in your everyday delectable dishes including porridge, dosas, idlis and many more. Now, make a smart start to a healthy lifestyle.

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KEY INGREDIENTS CONTENET Good Quality Of Grains Means Austrelian Oats Are Used Some Times Low Gradw And Low Grade Ots Used
GRADING Fproely Graded And Clean Grains Are Used Some Times Not Properly Graded And Low Quality Grains Are Used
QUALITY PARAMETERS High Fiber Grains And Less Fat Less Fibre As Austreial Oats.
TEXURE No Broken/Blemished Grains Some Times Broken/Blemished Slices
FLAVOUR AND TASTE Very Good Flavour And Texure Good Flavour And Texure

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