Mixed Fruit Drink

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Indulge in the diverse flavors of Morton Foods Mixed Fruit Drink. Made with a blend of various fruits, water, sugar, and Vitamin C, our 240ml can brings a refreshing medley of fruits to your palate.

  • Fruit Fusion Bliss: Experience a symphony of flavors with Morton Foods Mixed Fruit Drink, a delightful blend of various fruits for a burst of freshness.
  • Diverse Fruit Medley: Enjoy the harmonious mix of fruits in every sip, a refreshing escape to orchards in a can.
  • Convenient Can Format: Discover the vibrant flavors of mixed fruits in a 240ml can, perfect for on-the-go refreshment.
  • Natural Ingredients: Crafted with pineapple juice, mango pulp, guava pulp, orange juice, water, sugar, and a boost of Vitamin C for a healthy and flavorful blend.
  • Versatile Refreshment: Ideal for picnics, lunches, or as a delightful treat anytime, anywhere.
  • Mixed Fruit Drink in Can: Convenience meets variety with our mixed fruit juice packed in a convenient can.
  • Revitalizing Vitamin C: Each sip contains added Vitamin C for a burst of energy and freshness.
  • Perfectly Balanced: The perfect balance of sweet and tangy, creating a delicious mixed fruit drink.

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