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A healthy tasty summer fruit lychee is well known for its various nutritional benefits along with its sweet and tangy taste. And with its delectable sweet taste, Morton’s Lychee Drink is sure to plaster a permanent wide grin on your face!

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COMPETETION (Rael) Tetra pack
INGREDIENTS Water (60%), litchi Juice (30%), Sugar (10%),Acidity Regulator (E-330), Vitamin C (E- 300). Water, litchi pulp (20.8%), Sugar, litchi pulp concentrate (1.17%) Sugar, Stabilizer (INS-440), Acidity Regulator (INS-296), Antioxidant (INS 300).
FLAVOUR Yes: Nature Identical Flavouring Substensance Nature Identical Flavouring Substensance
Preservatives No NO
STABLIZERE No Yes-Stabilizer (INS-440)
Shelf Life 24 Month 6 month
MRP 40 20
NET CONTENET 220ml 200ml


  • 12-15 litchi
  • 3.5 cups water at room temperature or chilled
  • lime juice
  • Sugar
  • a few mint leaves for garnishing (optional)
  • lemon slices for garnishing (optional)
  • few ice cubes (optional)
  • With your hands remove the fleshy pulp and discard the seeds.
  • In a blender, make a smooth puree of the litchis.
  • Tiny unblended bits and pieces are alright in the puree.
  • In a jar, mix the litchi puree, lemon juice, water and sugar.
  • Stir till the sugar dissolves.
  • Pour in glasses topped with some ice cubes.
  • Serve litchi lemonade immediately.
  • While serving you can also garnish with few sprigs of mint leaves or lemon slices.
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